Tuesday, 14 June 2011

7 Random Facts You Probably Didn't Know

I've been tagged, so here are 7 random facts you probably didn't know. If I leave a comment in your blog, you've been tagged and you have to post 7 random facts!!! Have fun finding them!
Stressed, my dears, is dessert spelt backwards...coincidence? Hmm. I suppose you get stressed when you can't find the right pudding. Or there isn't any. Or your sister got there first <coughcough>
There is approxmiately one chicken for every human being in the world. Well, that's fair. Never exceed that, though, guys, because if you have more than one chicken...you'd better say sorry to everyone else, at any rate, in case it was their chicken.
There is a special name for phobia of teeth - odontophobia.
In Alaska it is actually illegal to look at a moose from a flying vehicle. Really weird. I wonder what would happen? Jailtime? Fine? And how would they know, anyway? Is there a special job you can get that is basically going round making sure no one is looking at mooses from flying vehicles? I would take that job!
When Ke$ha performs in the UK she becomes Ke£ha! (Okay, I just made that one up. Give me a break!)
The voice of Bugs Bunny, Mel Blanc, was allergic to carrots! This person was not fated to be Bugs Bunny. I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you.
It is impossible to cry in space because as there is no gravity, the tears won't flow! So let's all live in space, where there's no point being mean to people cos they can't cry!


  1. I like fact #7! i like reading ur blog, its been a while since u posted.. looking forward to you next post! :)


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